• How long does it take to build Muscle?

    How long does it take to build Muscle?

    The three main aspects that are instrumental to building muscle are a good workout, a healthy diet, and sufficient rest. It is important for people to consult a doctor, dietician, and fitness trainer and then plan in advance the goals of your muscle building regimen. It is also crucial to follow the plan with discipline. […]

  • Teething Rash

    Teething Rash

    Appearance of the first set of teeth in a baby is known as teething. It usually occurs anywhere between 3 to 12 months. However, teething symptoms generally commence within 3 months, even before the growth of a tooth. Irritability, mild fever, and teething rash are some of the common symptoms of teething. Can teething cause […]

  • Turbid Urine

    Turbid Urine

    The outflow of cloudy or turbid urine may be a symptom the underlying presence of different kinds of diseases and conditions. Turbid urine color may also tends to vary; it can be clear and transparent like water or it can be reddish and dark. In most cases, the levels of water and other fluids in […]

  • Unexplained Bruises

    Unexplained Bruises

    A bruise is a condition marked by discoloration of the skin caused due to some king of trauma or injury. Sometimes, an injury may not cause wounds or tear up the skin surface, but may affect the tissues present deeper within the skin and damage the blood vessels. It is such damage that causes the […]

Collarbone Pain

The collarbone or the clavicle is a short, bent bone that runs from the center of chest to the end part of the shoulders and is located just above the first rib bone from the top. Collarbone pain may occur due to shoulder injuries or direct impact on the clavicle, which causes it to fracture […]

Tattoo Infection - All You Need to Know

Tattoo Infection – All You Need to Know

Tattoo infection can occur due to varied causes. The most common causes, symptoms, and treatment options of tattoo infection are mentioned below. Symptoms or signs of tattoo infection A new tattoo will usually cause itchiness, pain, redness, and mild swelling for a day at the most. If the itching and swelling persist, or if the […]

Brown Recluse Bite – All You Need to Know

Brown Recluse Bite – All You Need to Know

Of the several species of the spiders, only four of them are considered to be harmful to human beings. They are namely the hobo, the black widow, the yellow sac spider and the brown recluse.  The latter is sometimes referred to as the violin or fiddle back spiders. They are named recluse because of their […]

Trigeminy PVC

Trigeminy PVC

Trigeminy is known as premature ventricular contractions Trigeminy is a heart condition which is characterized by an irregular heartbeat. The heart in usually bound to two beats at a time, but when one has trigeminy, there is an occurrence of a third premature beat. It is otherwise known as premature ventricular contractions (PVC), probably due […]

High pH in Urine

High pH in Urine

pH in urine is a measurement of its acidic and alkaline content. pH in urine is considered to be normal/neutral if it is 7. Lower values than 7 indicate acidic urine while higher numbers than 7 indicate alkaline urine. A single unit is equivalent to 10 times the change in acidic or alkaline levels in […]

Patellar Tendonitis

Patellar Tendonitis

The knee is one of the largest and busiest joints in the human body. This is because it is every day involved in the routine of enabling you to walk. For athletes and people who seek healthy lifestyles through jogging and running, the knee is subjected to far more work. This extra work can, in […]

Ear Lobe Piercing

Ear Lobe Piercing

An ear lobe of a human is called “lobulus auriculae” or “pinna”. It is a soft and thick part of the external ear that swings from the lower edge of the ear. It contains soft tissue that are connective in nature and are very flexible. This part has good blood supply and tend to be […]

How Do You Know If You Are Ovulating?

Women can gain better control of their reproductive systems by understanding the different signs that mark the stages of their menstrual cycles. If you are sexually active and you are either looking forward to a pregnancy or trying to avoid it, knowing your time of ovulation will raise your chances of achieving the target. The […]

Occipital Lymph Node

One of the critical components of the immune system is the lymphatic system. The lymph nodes are to be found throughout the body and their work involves helping the body in recognizing and fighting germs, foreign substances and infections. Location of the occipital lymph node There are different kinds of lymph nodes present in the […]

Mucus Threads in Urine

Mucus is a viscous slimy element that consists of inorganic salts, cells, mucins plus water which are secreted as protective lard by the mucus membrane glands and the cells. Over the years, research has found that human beings have the slimy element in their urinary tract. The mucus can appear to be threads, secretion or […]