• How long does it take to build Muscle?

    How long does it take to build Muscle?

    The three main aspects that are instrumental to building muscle are a good workout, a healthy diet, and sufficient rest. It is important for people to consult a doctor, dietician, and fitness trainer and then plan in advance the goals of your muscle building regimen. It is also crucial to follow the plan with discipline. […]

  • Teething Rash

    Teething Rash

    Appearance of the first set of teeth in a baby is known as teething. It usually occurs anywhere between 3 to 12 months. However, teething symptoms generally commence within 3 months, even before the growth of a tooth. Irritability, mild fever, and teething rash are some of the common symptoms of teething. Can teething cause […]

  • Turbid Urine

    Turbid Urine

    The outflow of cloudy or turbid urine may be a symptom the underlying presence of different kinds of diseases and conditions. Turbid urine color may also tends to vary; it can be clear and transparent like water or it can be reddish and dark. In most cases, the levels of water and other fluids in […]

  • Unexplained Bruises

    Unexplained Bruises

    A bruise is a condition marked by discoloration of the skin caused due to some king of trauma or injury. Sometimes, an injury may not cause wounds or tear up the skin surface, but may affect the tissues present deeper within the skin and damage the blood vessels. It is such damage that causes the […]

Blood Blister on Tongue

 A blood blister is a blister that is filled with blood rather than a transparent fluid, which is usually present in most blisters. A blood blister is usually a minute red bump on the tongue surface or on its sides. These blood blisters normally appear suddenly. This is normally an unwarranted cause for worry in […]

Vesicular Rash

Vesicular Rash

Vesicular rashes refer to the blisters that appear on the skin surface due to a viral infection. These rashes normally arise in about all parts of the skin of people. The rashes also occur in the skin areas where there is a mucous membrane. The word “vesicular” emanates from a Latin term “vesiculum” which means […]

Cauliflower Wart

Cauliflower Wart

Warts are benign, coarse, small growths or lesions on skin. Cauliflower wart is a type of wart that develops due to human papilloma virus (HPV) infection. It is the most common kind of wart. The wart looks like a cauliflower and hence the name. Cauliflower wart is caused by infections with HPV type 1, 4, […]

Diarrhea After Every Meal

Diarrhea refers to 2/3 instances of loose stools for a period of 3 or more days. In addition to watery, loose stools, diarrhea after every meal may be accompanied by symptoms like bloating, abdominal pain and cramps, nausea, vomiting, fever, and blood in stool in some instances. Diarrhea leads to loss of water and fluids […]

Tinea Manuum (Hand Fungus)

Tinea Manuum (Hand Fungus)

Infection of the hands by dermatophytes fungi is known as tinea manuum. Like most skin infection by dermatophytes, tinea manuum is also superficial and affects just the uppermost skin layer. Symptoms of tinea manuum Listed below are a few common signs and symptoms of tinea manuum: The rash on skin has reddish raised borders with […]

Uncontrollable Cough

Uncontrollable Cough

Uncontrollable cough refers to sustained bouts of coughing. It often occurs as a symptom of some underlying disease. Uncontrollable cough has a tendency to deteriorate at night. Uncontrollable cough may be followed by symptoms like throat discomfort, shortness of breath, and scratchy throat, etc. Mild cases clear out in 1-2 days without medical treatment. Severe […]

Upper Middle Stomach Pain

Upper Middle Stomach Pain

The upper middle abdominal region has many organs like the stomach, lower rib cage, gall bladder, small intestine, pancreas, liver, bile ducts, transverse section of colon, and abdominal aorta, etc. Hence, upper middle abdominal pain is usually a symptom of a condition affecting any of the organs present in the region. Causes of upper middle […]

Liquid Diarrhea

Stool usually has an average of about 70 percent water content. When stool has higher than normal levels of water, then the condition is referred to as liquid diarrhea. In case of liquid diarrhea, the ratio between water and solid matter content in feces is abnormally high. For a condition of watery loose stools to […]

Collarbone Pain

The collarbone or the clavicle is a short, bent bone that runs from the center of chest to the end part of the shoulders and is located just above the first rib bone from the top. Collarbone pain may occur due to shoulder injuries or direct impact on the clavicle, which causes it to fracture […]

Tattoo Infection - All You Need to Know

Tattoo Infection – All You Need to Know

Tattoo infection can occur due to varied causes. The most common causes, symptoms, and treatment options of tattoo infection are mentioned below. Symptoms or signs of tattoo infection A new tattoo will usually cause itchiness, pain, redness, and mild swelling for a day at the most. If the itching and swelling persist, or if the […]