• How long does it take to build Muscle?

    How long does it take to build Muscle?

    The three main aspects that are instrumental to building muscle are a good workout, a healthy diet, and sufficient rest. It is important for people to consult a doctor, dietician, and fitness trainer and then plan in advance the goals of your muscle building regimen. It is also crucial to follow the plan with discipline. […]

  • Teething Rash

    Teething Rash

    Appearance of the first set of teeth in a baby is known as teething. It usually occurs anywhere between 3 to 12 months. However, teething symptoms generally commence within 3 months, even before the growth of a tooth. Irritability, mild fever, and teething rash are some of the common symptoms of teething. Can teething cause […]

  • Turbid Urine

    Turbid Urine

    The outflow of cloudy or turbid urine may be a symptom the underlying presence of different kinds of diseases and conditions. Turbid urine color may also tends to vary; it can be clear and transparent like water or it can be reddish and dark. In most cases, the levels of water and other fluids in […]

  • Unexplained Bruises

    Unexplained Bruises

    A bruise is a condition marked by discoloration of the skin caused due to some king of trauma or injury. Sometimes, an injury may not cause wounds or tear up the skin surface, but may affect the tissues present deeper within the skin and damage the blood vessels. It is such damage that causes the […]

Chills without Fever

Chills refer to a condition wherein the body shivers significantly, the muscles rapidly contract and relax, and the body tries to produce heat so as to raise its internal temperature. Chills are accompanied by symptoms like Goosebumps, chattering teeth, shaking, and sweating, etc. Fever refers to high body temperature. Chills usually occur with fever. However, […]

Pinched Nerve in Ankle

Pinched Nerve in Ankle

One gets a pinched nerve when there is too much pressure placed on a nerve by surrounding tissues; usually cartilage, bones, tendons and muscles. There is interruption of the function on the nerve and this causes pain, weakness, tingling or numbness. The pinch can range from mild to severe, and may cause temporary or far-reaching […]

Collagen Deficiency

Collagen deficiency can bring about collagen vascular diseases, which is a group of disease that affect connective tissue. Collagen is a protein connective tissue that helps hold up your skin, bones, muscles and ligaments together. Connective tissue diseases is the other name that is given to collagen vascular disease. Collagen deficiency and the resultant disease […]

Shingles on Scalp

Shingles on Scalp

Shingles is a viral disease that compromises the nerve pathway. It is also known as herpes zoster and is caused by a virus known as Varicella Zoster, which is also the virus which causes chicken pox. Shingles are extremely painful especially when they occur on the scalp. Blisters filled with fluid develop on the scalp […]

Drool Rash

Drool Rash

Drool rash refers to a rash that forms around the cheeks and mouth, on the chest, and in the creases of the neck in a baby due to wet skin caused by presence of excess amounts of saliva on skin for prolonged periods. Drooling is usually a side effect of teething, but it can occur […]

Hematoma On Leg

A hematoma refers to the abnormal accumulation of leaked blood from damaged blood cells outside the blood vessel. The blood leaks into the neighboring tissues where it does not belong. The blood can accumulate in any part of the body and can be large or small. The damaged blood vessel can be an artery, a […]

Iron Saturation - Low and High

Iron Saturation – Low and High

Iron saturation has been known to vary from time to time, and one should know when the range is sufficient of not. When you have low iron saturation, you may experience anemic symptoms and you should seek iron tests from your lab. Here you will see some of the tests, and what happens, when you […]

Bladder Wall Thickening

The bladder is a part of the urinary system. It is a small sac which collects urine released by the kidneys. Bladder wall thickening may occur due a variety of different reasons. Treatment of thickened bladder wall is dependent on the underlying cause. Symptoms Some of the common signs and symptoms of bladder wall thickening […]

Red Freckles

Red freckles are lesions that result from a concentrated, high number of dilated blood vessels found near the surface of the skin. Lesions refer to damaged or abnormal regions of tissues in the body. Red freckles occur when the number of endothelial cells lining the inner of the blood cells grows and they rapidly divide. […]

Discoid Atelectasis

The collapse of part or the whole of the lungs is a condition known as discoid atelectasis. The collapsed part does not re-inflate properly and is therefore devoid of any airflow. Discoid atelectasis is usually a side effect of anesthesia use during surgery. This happens to patients who have been bedridden for long periods of […]