Blood Blister on Finger

A blood blister in finger is a fluid-filled small painful bump that can be caused due to many reasons such as scalding, burning, tight clothes, viral skin infections, chemical exposures and others. Blood blisters in fingers are similar to other blisters except the accumulation of blood, lymph and other body fluids make it red and extremely painful. These are subjected to infections so it should be properly taken care of. There is no specific remedy per se as these blisters heal on their own, but sometimes to avoid infections and reduce pain, there are certain treatments are necessary.

Blood blister on finger – causes

Blood blisters can be occurred anywhere in the body, but toes, fingers and mouth are more vulnerable to these blisters. Most of the time wearing tight shoes for a long period of time can blood blister on toes. Closing your finger in the door hinges leads to nasty blood blister. Some other causes of blood blisters are:

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  • Skin burns from cooking
  • Chemical exposure
  • Skin infections
  • Some medications

Home remedies

Ice Wrap

Ice wrap is a good way to alleviate some pain from blisters of any kind. The coldness helps to constrict the blood vessels, which eventually reduces swelling and stop internal bleeding. You can put some ice cubes in a small towel and wrap on the effected part for about 10-15 minutes. Remember not directly apply ice to your skin as it can cause ice burn.

Witch Hazel

Applying witch hazel on the effected part can easily alleviate the pain because of its astringent tannin content in it. It also reduces inflammation. You just dab some small portion of witch hazel extract on the effected part and allow it to dry. If the blister is severe, you need to follow this four times a day for two weeks.

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Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is a wonderful plant to reduce burns and inflammation. It is useful in treating blisters because of its cooling nature. It is better to use aloe vera gel, and if you don’t find it, you can apply aloe vera juice, which is easily available in the market.

Cover the blisters

Always cover the blister(s) when you are not treating it. Do not break the skin as breaking may expose bacteria swirling around your skin. If the blister is small and less painful, you can cover it with adhesive bandage. For the larger blood blister, use a plastic-coated gauze pad. This gauze pad will absorb moisture and allow your blister to breathe.


Sandalwood is one of the bestayurvedic ingredients for treating inflammation and burn. It is intrinsically cold in nature and quickly absorbs the heat away from the effected part. It will increase the healing process and reduce the pain drastically. You can make a thick paste by mixing sandalwood and rose water and apply on the effected part.

Prevention for blood blister on the finger

  1. Keep your hands dry because too much moisture makes the layers of skin to separate fast, which can accelerate blister formation. While doing works like washing, cleaning, gardening etc. you may wear gloves. Gloves can also prevent pinching while you work.
  2. It is always necessary to avoid any harsh abrasions such as bad fall or pinching your fingers while opening or closing the door.
  3. Too much exposure to cold can cause blisters in fingers, so during winters, always cover your hands while doing work, and even sitting idle. Also fungal infections can be a cause of blisters formation easily on your body, so keep clean your hands.
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