Coconut Oil for Stretch Marks

The human body goes through many physical changes in the course of life. One of the common changes occurring in female body is the appearance of stretch marks. It may range from very mild pale pink, to white lines, to very deep purple.

Noticeable stretch lines are present in the skin, and when present in large amount, they appear to be ugly. These appear on buttocks, upper arm and thighs. Appearance of these marks varies and may also include bright streaks that may fade to light pink, white or grey. Stretch marks occur when skin becomes stretched to the extent of getting the skin torn, causing scars. This scarring runs from epidermis to the dermis. Connective tissue of skin gets stretched beyond limit. When skin gets stretched, it impacts collagen production leading to fine scars on the upper skin layer.

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Stretch marks can be due to pregnancy, weight gain, sudden weight loss, puberty and heredity. They can be reduced but not removed entirely. There are several medicines available in the market for reduction of stretch marks but, coconut oil is the best remedy which reduces stretch marks.

Is coconut oil really good for stretch marks?

Coconut oil has antibacterial, antifungal, anti microbial, antiviral and anti inflammatory properties. Its moisturising properties are very good. Oil gets very quickly absorbed deep inside the skin. It has many antioxidants which fights free radical and nourish damaged skin.

Coconut oil can be used internally and externally and lacks side effects. Healthful saturated fats present in coconut oil makes the cell walls strong. One of the greatest advantages of coconut oil is that, it can be absorbed a bit deeper into the skin layers penetrating through epidermis and dermal layers.

Real scars lie in the dermis. In upper layers of skin, only marks are visible. No cream or homemade remedies can heal the dermis layer effectivey. They can only cure the epidermis. Coconut oil enters dermal layer of skin and removes those scars. This makes it a decent prevention and removal product for stretch marks.

Besides coconut oil can be stored for long, without getting damaged or bad. It is a durable product which can be stored in the drawer for many days. One of the big reasons for using it is also that it is very cheap and is versatile enough for cooking too. No wonder, it is quite a health elixir.

Virgin or natural coconut oil is the purest and lacks impurities. It can be used for skin daily, and is safe. Organic coconut oil besides being good for stretch marks, can also be used as a total skin care product- lip balm, facial, body scrubs, shaving lotion and diaper rash cream.

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How coconut oil fades stretch marksĀ 

Coconut oil is full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which help to repair skin from damage. It contains vitamin E, Vitamin K and iron, so damaged cells are destroyed and new cells are produced. Vitamin E present in coconut oil helps to heal scars. The oil also contains lauric acid which has anti bacterial and anti microbial properties. Lauric acid helps to replenish the skin, and restore collagen in the body, thereby diminishing stretch marks. This helps in skin healing and aids to fight against bacteria, parasite and diseases. Fatty acids present in coconut oil moisturises the skin and makes it hydrated. The more hydrated skin, the better it can heal from within, so stretch marks get faded.

How to use coconut oil for stretch marks

  • Coconut oil should be used after bath. Heat released after bath opens up the pores in the skin, so the coconut oil can be immediately absorbed. Of course, you can use it any time during the day to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.
  • First, a small amount of oil should be taken in hand. Since oil is solid at room temperature, it should be rubbed with hand. On rubbing it liquefies and stretch marks area should be massaged with oil in circular motion.
  • Massaging action is important for treatment of area with stretch marks, from coconut oil. This action helps oil to penetrate into the skin, deep into the dermal layer. Massaging the skin increases blood flow, so the skin cells will be supplied with nutrients they need to begin healing process.
  • Coconut oil is absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy feeling. The skin feels softer and better with each treatment.
  • Right amount of oil should be taken. Too much oil should not be applied on oily skin.
  • Oil blend should also be created. Mix cocoa butter, coconut oil and shea butter and melt it in a double boiler. Vitamin E oil should also be added and applied on skin for better effects.

Coconut oil for stretch marks during pregnancy

stretch marks pregnancy coconut oil

Stretch marks usually develop in pregnant women during the last trimester, and can remain after delivery too. Expectant mothers should rub coconut oil, twice or thrice daily. After the birth of baby, little or no stretch marks are observed.

Coconut oil has become very useful in reducing stretch marks as well as prevents its formation. When considered all positive benefits, purchasing coconut oil is considered the best investment in caring for the skin.

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