Ear Lobe Piercing

An ear lobe of a human is called “lobulus auriculae” or “pinna”. It is a soft and thick part of the external ear that swings from the lower edge of the ear. It contains soft tissue that are connective in nature and are very flexible. This part has good blood supply and tend to be little warm to the touch as there is excessive formation of blood vessels. No one knows about the exact function of this part of the human ear as it does not seem to play a role in hearing sounds or knowing the direction of sounds.

The size of the ear lobe varies from individual to individual. Some having hanging Ear lobes and others have attached ones at the side of their head. These variations are completely normal and are not related to any signs of health problems or disorder. However, if there are lines or crease in Ear lobes, this maybe one of the symptoms of a disorder or an abnormality or it can be a consequence of an abnormal gene.

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Ear lobe Piercing

We do not know who started it first, but this act began nearly 6000 years ago from the Mesopotamian civilization. Ear lobe piercing is a process where an individual creates a small opening or one or more holes in the lower part of the ear lobe for wearing earrings. The hole may be temporary or permanent, depending on how a person wants. Ear Lobe piercing is a worldwide trend for girls in general. This act is also called “body modification” because you are changing a part of your body through external help. This is also a part of many cultural rituals in some countries.

Ear lobe piercing does not create wounds, unless it is done in a hurried manner. If a person’s vascularity or elasticity is more than others, he or she can do multiple numbers of ear piercing. Stretching is also a way of wearing jewelry, but piercing is the most common action worldwide.

Ways of ear lobe piercing

There are mainly two types of ear lobe piercing, by needle or by a piercing gun. Whichever you choose, it should be done by a professional and not by yourself or your friends/family who don’t know.

  1. Needle- A professional person uses his steady hands and sterilized needles to pierce the ear lobe. The professional piercers have perfect knowledge about the piercing processes.
  2. Piercing Gun- This is a gun look alike that creates a hole on the Ear lobe by aiming a starter earring on the Ear lobe.

Which ear lobe piercing method is better?

Ear lobe piercing is a very tricky process. You strictly need a professional to have this done. They have good knowledge and experience about it. Many body piercers have shunned the gun method as they claim that it is harmful for the person.

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There is a long debate about which method is better. But most support the piercing via needle. This is for many reasons-

  • Gun operators should have a proof of their experience in it. Although some may have had proper training, this can be very dicey as it may be doctored for business profits.
  • Piercing guns cannot be cleaned or sanitized as nicely as the needles. In some body piercing studios, instruments are put in machines to get them thoroughly cleaned. Guns can’t be treated that way. Needles are pre-cleaned and thrown away after use, just like it is done in hospitals.
  • Professional piercers have more control over the location of the piercing than gun users. For gun users, if there is a slight mistake, it can be hurtful. Needle users have better visibility hence proper placement unlike gun users who aim from a distance.
  • Using a needle is not as traumatizing as for the gun users. A needle creates a clean, less painful hole. It does not create much swelling in comparison to the guns. Gun can cause damage to the tissue, specifically if blunt stud is used on the cartilage.
  • The major risk is clients having infection or contamination due to the improper use of malfunctioned gun. Children would especially be scared of the gun noise and the pain of this process.

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Ear lobe Piercing – Infection, Healing time and Aftercare

If you get an infection post ear lobe piercing, rub alcohol on both sides of Ear lobes with cotton. It takes 4-5 weeks for the healing process. Try not to fiddle with your ear as this may be painful. If it feels itchy or is red, apply warm water or sea salt with water. One should not apply soaps or shampoos as this can dry your skin. Sterilized solution can be used for after care purposes and do not panic if you see a formation of redness around the piercing.


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