Gluten Free Chinese Food

Gluten is a type of plant protein present in some food grains. It is mostly present in wheat, rye, barley, triticale. Triticale is a hybrid product, which is made by the cross of wheat and rye. Protein has been problematic for patients suffering from celiac disease and also for protein intolerance people. Person suffering from celiac disease should strictly avoid gluten in the diet. Celiac is a type of disorder which causes inflammation of the intestine and possible damage. Gluten-free diet exempts such gluten sources and prevents celiac disease.

Is Chinese food gluten free?

Chinese food is considered to be gluten-rich but that is not always the case. There are several gluten free Chinese foods available in the market, also prepared in home or restaurants for person suffering from celiac disease.

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  • Rice

 Rice is highly nutritious and gluten free. Steamed rice is a very good Chinese diet, which is gluten free and very low in calories and fats. Brown rice is also gluten free, and rich in fibre. Brown rice is the best for celiac patients. Vegetable fried rice in a Chinese restaurant is also gluten free and is very good for celiac patients. Gluten free soy sauce is also good with rice. The soy sauce is always better because normal soya sauce is brewed with wheat and contains caramel, both of which comprise gluten.

gluten free chinese food


  • Steamed meat

 Chinese food includes deep fried or breaded meat. It is very rich in gluten protein. It is very harmful for celiac disease patients. Steamed meat is the best substitute for celiac disease patient as it is gluten free. Meat should not be marinated, as it contains traces of gluten. Sauted chicken, pork and even beef are very good gluten free substitutes. All these meals are gluten free, low in calories and rich in protein. Sauted or steamed sea food can be consumed or meat with steamed rice and steamed vegetables. So, if you are going for a Gluten free Chinese takeout, make sure that you consider these points.



  • Steamed vegetables

Vegetables lack gluten, but fried vegetables may contain traces of gluten. Breeding process of fried vegetables may include bread crumbs or wheat flour, both of which contain traces of gluten. Brown sources with steamed vegetables in a Chinese restaurant should not be ordered because they are made up of ingredients containing gluten, such as flour. Flour contains large amount of gluten protein. Instead, white sources with green vegetables should be ordered. If eating vegetables in a Chinese restaurant and trying to avoid gluten, Buddha’s feast should be ordered. It consists of steamed vegetables over steamed rice.

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  • Avoid deep fried food:

Unless one is sure that batter for deep fried foods is made from rice flour or corn starch, make sure to avoid eating in Chinese restaurants. This is because the deep fried Chinese dishes such as lemon chicken is made up of batter of wheat flour. Food containing batter of wheat flour such as egg roll and dumplings should also be avoided because it contains gluten protein.


  • Natural soya and tamari sauce

 In Chinese food, natural soya and tamari sauce are the best. These sauces do not contain gluten protein. It is made up of fermented wheat, and care should be taken that natural fermentation should lack in gluten protein. But, if chemical extraction process is used for making of sauce it may contain traces of gluten. But tamari sauce is made from soybean and is naturally gluten free. Soya bean is a rich source of healthy protein.

  • Opt for beet-based MSG

In olden days, monosodium glutamate was used, as a flavouring agent, it was made from wheat. But now the trend has been changed and people are opting for healthier trends. MSG is now made with the help of beet which is gluten free. Beet is a better option for people trying to for a gluten-free Chinese dish.


  • Gluten free noodles

 Transparent noodles when cooked are gluten free. If preferred dish is noodles, gluten free noodles are the best. Wheat noodles such as chowmein contains gluten so it should be avoided. Other Chinese noodles which are gluten free are cellophane noodles. It is also called moong bean noodles and glass. Similar to any other rice products, tofu strands and rice noodles do not contain gluten protein as its constituent.

Gluten free Chinese restaurants can help you with good food choices. People suffering from celiac disease or allergies can definitely benefit by being judicious with their food choices. Such a diet closely resembles a wheat free diet. Some gluten free ingredients are rice and millets. Products of rice and millets are good substitutes for wheat and barley based products.


  • Additional choices

 Chinese food meal like egg roll or fried crab wontons contains gluten protein. Spring roll is a better option of Chinese food, whose wrapping is made of rice flour, which is free of gluten protein. Rice noodles which many Chinese restaurants offer are gluten free. Meifun and chow fun, are the two common dishes made with rice noodles and steamed vegetables which lacks gluten. Egg drop soup prepared without soy sauce and flour but containing cornstarch, is a very good dish which is gluten free. It is a good diet rich in protein.

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