How long does it take to build Muscle?

The three main aspects that are instrumental to building muscle are a good workout, a healthy diet, and sufficient rest. It is important for people to consult a doctor, dietician, and fitness trainer and then plan in advance the goals of your muscle building regimen. It is also crucial to follow the plan with discipline.

In addition to exercise and diet, the pace of muscle building is also determined by genetic factors and daily routine and habits. Illnesses, vacations, and injuries can dampen the muscle building plans. Also, muscle tends to grow slowly in people who have been using weight for exercise as compared to those who have just started exercising.It is also important to know that exercising techniques that work for others may not necessary be right for you. Hence, avoid copying the exercise regimen of others and instead consult the trainer, doctor, and dietician to find and device a schedule that helps you build muscles at the fastest pace possible.

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In most cases, difference in the body structure and muscle tone becomes evident in 1 to 2 months, provided you diligently follow the advice of your dietician, nutritionist, and trainer. People who want to build true muscles however need to make a committing to the exercise and diet regimen for at least 6 to 12 months before seeing the marked difference in their body and muscle structure. Lifting weights for 6 to 7 months can help add 6 to 12 pounds of lean new muscle to the body and nearly 12 to 24 pounds after more than 12 months. With the growth of muscles, you will also gain a huge increase in overall strength.

Thus, there are many factors that can affect the duration required to grow muscles; hence, progress of muscle growth cannot be predicted to the T and neither will it occur at a known steady pace.The average time needed to build muscle tends to differ from one individual to another as per the varied associated individual factors.

muscle building for women

How to build muscle quickly?

Exercise, diet, and rest are the mainly responsible for helping build muscles quickly and efficiently. It is the same for women and whether you want to build muscles in the arms or other areas of the body.

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It may be noted that women’s body also respond to workouts the same way as men’s bodies. However, it does not respond with the same level of intensity as men. This is because men have larger amounts of growth hormone testosterone than women. Hence, muscle building in women occurs 2 to 3 times slower than men, provided the same exercise regimen is followed.

  • Exercising: For quick muscle growth, workout each muscle group and allow each enough time for development. The trainer will help plan and carry out the exercises as per the plan. There are no shortcuts to achieving the goals; hence, be patient and enthusiastic when exercising. Also, overexerting yourself will not result in quicker growth of muscles.
    • For better outcome, do 10 to 12 sets of exercises for each muscle group. You may repeat the sets about 5 to 6 times for faster muscle development. A workout should last for at least 40 to 50 minutes. Sets that only last for 60 to 70 seconds are not good enough as the muscle do not get tensed for sufficient amount of time necessary for them to grow.Using heavier weights and doing the reps at controlled speeds can help add more muscle.
    • Barbell curls, dumbbell curls and preacher curls can help build biceps, while triceps growth can be achieved by close grip bench press, dumbbell extensions, and skull crushers.
    • Jogging, walking, skipping rope, and other easy cardiovascular exercises can help warm up the body before weight training. Later, the muscles needed to be relaxed by cooling down exercises. It may also be noted that Working out more muscle groups causes increases the total hormones output in the body which in turn assist the growth of muscles for the entire day.Balanced exercising marked by working out each muscle group can help avoid muscle injuries and preserve their flexibility.
  • Eat a Balanced diet: Exercising has to be complemented by a high-protein low fat diet for the muscles to grow quickly. Such a balanced healthy diet offers lots of energy and nutrients needed for muscle growth. Include lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains in the diet and avoid alcoholic beverages, colas, sodas, sweets, fast food, chocolates, and tobacco products and smoking. Drinking lots of water along with other fluids like juices, shakes, and soups will prevent the body from getting dehydrated.
    • Body building supplements are also useful. However, take them only after consulting your doctor and trainer.You may take whey protein, especially for building arms, as they enhance protein synthesis, stops muscle breakdown, and aids recovery after exercising. You may combine whey protein with simple sugars to improve its effect.
  • Sufficient rest: Muscles grow not when working out, but during rest. Hence, rest for 1 to 2 days per week along with 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day. Resting between sets is also very important.


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