How to clean your system in 24 hours

The human body has been designed in such a way that it can clean itself. Today the level of toxins in the environment has increased considerably; therefore even though the body system is self-cleansing, humans also have to opt for detox programs. An individual can choose for a day detox program or go for a week long detox program, whichever is suitable. In case of 24 hours detox program it should be done once in a week, whereas in case of week long detox programs it can be done once in a year. Detox programs are severe and will tire the body; therefore it is best to opt for natural ways to clean the body.

Usually, a body system is cleaned as a part of a diet program but it may be cleansed for various other reasons like for medical test, surgery etc. Detox program helps in cleaning the gastrointestinal system and important body parts such as liver, kidney etc. It will also aid the important filtering/cleaning organs of the body like kidneys to relax them from excess stress, which generally occurs due to consumption of excess processed foodstuffs, sugar etc. Discipline in diet is required for detox program as consumption of some food items and liquids will be restricted. The program, however, also creates awareness about the ill effects of daily consumption of different toxic food.

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Individuals first need to take advice from a medical expert, especially those who have chronic heart problem, diabetes and kidney or liver defects, before option for detox programs.

detox system in 24 hours

How to clean your system in 24 hours

Steps on how to clean your system in 24 hours are as follows:

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  • Consumption of all types of toxic food items should be stopped. Beverages like alcohol, caffeine should be avoided. Foodstuffs which include color additives, artificial sweetener, chemical, saturated fat and artificial sweetener food items should not be consumed as it lessens the energy level and clogs the body system. In short, it affects the health adversely. Obviously it may not be easy to stop consuming altogether; however avoiding such toxic food once in a week is a good decision. This will help in maintaining good health in the long run.
  • An individual has to survive on juice diet. He/she can have a glass of spring/filtered water first thing in the morning. After that the diet should continue by consuming only fruit drinks, vegetable soup, and water. Juices and drinks can be taken to an unlimited extent but no food should be taken during the 24 hour cleansing program. If a person experiences excess hunger during the 24 cleansing program, it can be controlled by consuming raw vegetables and fruits.
    • Two or more celery sticks, one chopped beet, four carrots, some peeled pieces of garlic, two to five potatoes plus one onion; all these ingredients should be cooked together in a pot. Vegetables tend to cook fully and become soft within an hour. After this, one has to filter the vegetables and collect the soup in a separate bowl. Allow it to cool and then consume it. This soup has potassium which is an excellent body cleansing agent. Soup can be consumed after dinner i.e. last meal before starting the cleansing program.
  • Water enhances efficient functioning of liver and kidneys and also helps to remove toxin from our body. Therefore lots of water should be consumed.
    • Along with water some lemon juice can also be added as it is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants which helps in proper functioning of the liver and kidney. Lemon juice also gives an added flavor to water.
    • Milk thistle too aids in enhancing working of liver.
  • Sweating is a simple way to remove toxin from the body. But individuals who are new to cleansing program should avoid strenuous exercises; rather they can try milder form of exercises. It is very much essential to consume large amounts of water to avoid dehydration and make up for electrolytes level imbalances.
  • Herbal green tea or decaffeinated tea can be taken throughout the day. Green tea has diuretic properties which help in cleansing the toxin in the body. Fruit tea should be avoided; instead one can opt for chamomile/dandelion root tea. Consuming such type of hot tea will help to fight side effects like nauseated feeling, dizziness etc.
  • The body system is cleansed from inside but the exterior portion of the body also requires cleansing. One can use a smooth soft brush to clean the skin; this will increase the circulation and do away with dead skin cells.

Some side effects of 24 hour cleansing program can be minor dizziness, mild nauseated feeling, headache, low blood pressure and level of glycogen in the muscles may also reduce.

The 24 hours system of cleansing program can make the person tired and also reduce the level of energy. Remedy for this is fresh air, deep breathing of fresh air is very beneficial. It helps to oxygenate the blood and overcome fatigue. It also increases the level of energy. For this proper breathing techniques have to be practiced and one should be alert to use diaphragm while inhaling.

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