Mucus Threads in Urine

Mucus is a viscous slimy element that consists of inorganic salts, cells, mucins plus water which are secreted as protective lard by the mucus membrane glands and the cells. Over the years, research has found that human beings have the slimy element in their urinary tract. The mucus can appear to be threads, secretion or even crystals. It is also sometimes found in the uterus, vagina and in a penis. It is normal and common for someone to sometimes experience the mucus threads in urine however, when the threads appear in excess; it might be considered as a medical problem.

Causes of mucus tread in urine


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The mucus can come from the urethra lining or even the bladder. Both of the membranes have epithelial cells therefore in the event that a person urinates some mucus flows together with urine although it cannot be seen since the urine has refractive abilities. During ovulation and menstrual cycle, the mucus secretion increases along with vaginal secretions, causing excess mucus to flow out with the urine.

Infection of the urinary tract

This is quite common especially in women. It is instigated by bacteria attacking the genitals. They increase in numbers and affect the bladder therefore causing cystitis condition .If not properly treated, they spread to the kidneys therefore causing pyelonephritis. The bacteria affects the epithelium; consequently the mucus sheds off causing appearance of slimy element in the urine. UTIs are quite common in most pregnant women since their bladders are compressed by the fetus. Secondly during pregnancy, there is mucus in the urine because of the active genital secretion which increases during this time.

Ulcerative colitis

It infects the colon and bowel therefore lead to ulcers and erosion. The person experiencing this condition will have bleeding of the anus, lower side abdomen pain, their urine will have mucus threads especially because urine mixes with excess mucus from the anal region.

Irritable bowel syndrome

The causes for this disease are unknown; however lack of proper diet contributes greatly to this ordeal which some people suffer. This disease can cause the presence of mucus threads. The excess mucus can originate from stool if the person empties the bowels and urinates during the same period. Bowel syndrome is also accompanied by other signs that include uncomfortable feeling in the stomach due to bloating and acid reflux which is commonly known as bulging.

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Sexually transmitted infections

Diseases such as gonorrhea and chlamydia cause the appearance mucus in urine. The sexually transmitted infections can be transmitted during unprotected sex with infected persons. Gonorrhea presents yellow discharge while chlamydia presents white discharge which is sometimes accompanied with the mucus elements in urine. The sexually transmitted diseases require close monitoring and treatment so as the situation does not worsen.

Cancer of the bladder

There is a very rare case of bladder cancer in which there is appearance of the slimy element in the urine. Some of the other signs of cancer of the bladder include pain in the pelvis, presence of blood while urinating and felling pain while urinating. If a person is experiencing this condition, it is highly recommended that they not ignore these signs waiting for them to go away after sometime.

Treatment of mucus threads in urine

If there are other symptoms in addition to mucus threads in urine, the doctor will prescribe on a certain mode of treatment. If it is just mucus in the urine, it is not a thing to worry about.

First of all one can use antibiotics, for the infections caused by bacteria, the antibiotics may include,amoxicillim which can get rid of the infection in a couple of days thus the mucus appearance in the urine stops. In cases such as chlamydia which is a sexually transmitted infection, stronger antibiotics are required like, erythromycin to treat the mucus threads issue.

The changing of a person’s diet can be another recommended method. This is especially useful when dealing with bowel syndrome.

A person should avoid the foods that are so much gassy that can cause bloating therefore upsetting your bowels, such foods include soda drinks and raw vegetables. A person can eat more fiber to enable smooth and hassle-free bowel movement.

For cancer of the bladder, one should undergo chemotherapy, surgery or even radiation therapy according to the recommendation the concerned specialist dealing with the patient so as to treat the cancer.

The use of anti-inflammatory medicines which may include mesalamine, sulfasalazine and corticosteroids, these medications can be used in treating ulcerative colitis. This is important in controlling the production the mucus.

To sum up, if there are mucus in urine, the doctors will recommend certain tests or diagnose the condition based on additional symptoms. Treatment is based on the condition that causes mucus threads in urine.

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