Slightly Elevated White Blood Cell Count

White blood cells are the most important things in fighting against foreign elements and thus play a significant role in body’s immune system. When a foreign element such as virus, bacteria, or pathogen enters into our physical system, these white blood corpuscles (WBC) or leucocytes recognize and destroy it. It is a complex mechanism and there are various types of white blood cells present in our body, which work incessantly in our bodies to fight against foreign invasion.

What causes elevated white blood cell count?

White blood cells are manufactured in bone marrow and there exist different kinds of cells. These are mainly responsible for fighting against infection, bacterial growth, virus infection and some more. An elevated white blood cell count is not a good thing as it causes different types of complicacy in the body including infection, stress, inflammation, trauma, allergy and others.

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The normal white blood cell count of a person varies according to gender, age and overall health. Here is a basic percentage of healthy WBC count in a healthy human being:

Lymphocytes: 25 – 35%

Monocytes: 4 – 6%

Basophils: 0.4 – 1%

Eosinophils: 1 – 3%

Neutrophils: 50 – 70%

In a normal human being 4,300 to 10,800 white blood cells are there in one cubic millimeter of blood. If it is increased to 10,500, it is then identified as an elevated leukocyte, which is clinically known as leukocytosis. Usually, in case of elevated WBC, one type of blood cells is observed, generally because of infection, particularly in bone marrow. Sometimes temporarily side effect of a drug can also cause elevation.

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Here is a list of diseases that can be the cause of elevated leukocytes:

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  • Certain types of leukemia such as Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) or chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  • Bacterial and viral infections
  • Measles
  • Severe damage to tissues (for example, in case of burns)
  • Excessive smoking
  • Inflammation of lungs due to harmful dust, fungus or molds
  • Bone marrow diseases
  • Tuberculosis
  • An immune system disorder
  • Drug side effects particularly corticosteroids and epinephrine
  • Excessive physical and mental stress
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Severe allergic reactions


First, if there is any prolong complication in body, it is necessary to do a blood test to the earliest. There is no specific symptom to diagnose elevated WBC, but there may be medical conditions responsible for this elevation. Since elevated white blood cells are the cause of underlying physical problem, you need to check the problem associated with it. Some common symptoms are fever, losing consciousness, bleeding,  paleness, injury with bruises, weight loss and pain in the body.

Foods to reduce elevated blood count in the body

Types of food you consume have important consequence on your blood cells. To check your WBC count, it is important to reduce food high in fat, sugar and salt. Antioxidants like vitamin C and E help to minimize the elevated white blood cells.

Omega-3 fatty acids – These are polyunsaturated fat (PUFA) that increases the activity of phagocytes that protect the body from foreign objects. It is highly available in fish, walnut and flaxseeds.

Antioxidant – In today’s world in midst of pollution and stress, antioxidants is mandatory to keep a healthy body. These are molecules that fight against free radicals, which are detrimental to cells, protein, and DNA. Some of the foods contain high level of antioxidants are onions, leeks, garlic, carrots, citrus fruits, green tea and others.

Vitamin C – It is another potent weapon against infection in the body. It protects the white blood cells and producing healthy blood cells in the body. In case of infection or elevated WBC, a small dose of regular vitamin C can help you to regain your health. All citrus fruits including oranges, lemon and others contain vitamin C. you can also find good amount of this vitamin cauliflower, sprouts, bell peppers, carrots.

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