Warm Sensation in Leg

A skin or tissue sensation of pins and needles or partial numbness and burning is often referred to as paresthesia. A tingling, burning, or creeping sensation may cause discomforts and could be an indication of a serious health problem such as nerve damage. The symptoms of paresthesia may begin as tingling, which changes to numbness or there may be a combination of numbness and increased sensations at some time or when there is a stimulation. When you have warm sensation in leg, it may indicate that there is a circulation problem, nerve damage, or some chronic conditions.

Any type of burning, tingling, o numbness is often a symptom that is related to some sensory nerve damage, injury, or disease affecting the nerves. The cause of the tingling may depend on the exact location where it is occurring. Typically, it may include a physical injury to nerve such as some pressure being applied to nerve, nerve entrapment, or pressure to spinal attachment of the nerve.

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A disease condition, which affects the nerve, may also induce such kind of sensation such as neuropathy, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and diabetic neuropathy.

Causes of warm sensation in leg

The burning or warm sensation in leg can result from different causes. A damage to nerve in the leg may cause such sensation. The damage may be due to extreme heat, toxic substances, or cold. A warmth sensation in the leg may also result from blood circulation problem. When there is impaired flow of blood to the leg, it may cause an individual to experience a burning sensation.

An injury to the leg may also affect the nerves, something that causes warm sensation. When you indulge in intense exercises, you might also experience such sensations. Another possible cause of having warm sensation in leg is meralgia paresthetica— a pain that occurs in outer thigh because of compression or pressure on the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. This is one of the main nerves found in the thigh.

People with chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis may also have burning sensation in legs. Peripheral neuropathy is another possible cause of warm sensation in leg. This is a disorder, which affects the peripheral nerves— that transmit signals from the brain to body and spinal cord where they become dysfunctional.

Many diseases may cause peripheral neuropathy including diabetes, alcoholism, autoimmune nerve disorder and Guillain-Barre syndrome. At times, peripheral neuropathy does not have any known cause. Physical causes of warmth or burning sensation in legs are such as burns including sunburn, leg injury, exposure to cold, and pressure put on the nerve.

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Exposure to toxic substances and poisonous compounds may also cause that feeling. Exercising intensely could trigger a warm sensation in legs. Diseases, which can cause warm sensation in legs, are such as alcoholism neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, meralgia paresthetica, rheumatoid arthritis, peripheral artery disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, and spinal stenosis. Burns caused by extreme heat, chemicals, or exposure to poisonous substances could cause damage to nerves on skin and this may result in the warmth sensation you feel in leg.

A nerve irritation on leg could also make you feel some warmth without having something serious on the skin. You may use a cool pack or something like a topical rub to relieve this kind of warmth feeling on the leg.

warm sensation in legs


Symptoms of warm sensation in leg

A leg burning sensation might be accompanied by other symptoms such as blistering, pain, numbness, bleeding, tingling, and redness or warmth and swelling. When the warmth sensation in leg is caused by meralgia paresthetica, the symptoms may include outer thigh pain, aching, sensitivity to touch, pain in buttocks or groin, tingling and numbness in outer thigh, and symptoms that affect one side of body.

Other symptoms may occur when you feel warm sensation in your leg such as difficult walking, muscle weakness, painful nerve, extreme sensitivity to touch, changes in the sensation, impaired coordination, and foot problems like joint pain and ulcers.

When you have a warmth sensation in leg that is accompanied by weakness and numbness affecting one side of body, you may want to treat that as an emergency and contact a medical doctor immediately. This may be a sign of stroke.

When you have someone with a burning or warm sensation in leg, and it is being accompanied by other symptoms such as change in alertness or level of consciousness and passing out or slurred speech and paralysis, ensure an immediate emergency medical help is sought.

Complications that may occur

When you have warmth sensation in legs, it may be due to a serious disease. Therefore, if you do not seek medical help for treatment, there may arise some serious complications or even permanent damage.

A treatment plan should be followed once the underlying cause of the sensation has been diagnosed. Proper treatment can reduce the risk of having loss of limb, chronic pain, permanent nerve damage, or brain damage when the sensation of leg is caused by disorders like stroke.

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