What causes Low Body Temperature?

Low body temperature arises when the temperature of body drops below normal levels. This could be dangerous, and it is paramount that people seek medical attention when they develop symptoms. Many doctors might not be aware that having low body temperatures could cause serious and severe problems, and it can be corrected. Rarely do doctors check patients for low body temperatures.

It is easy to confirm why body temperature is important for one to have good health. People can become sick and die of conditions like heat stroke. People can die from conditions like hypothermia. People can also experience terrible feeling when they have fever that has climbed only 1.5 degrees above the normal temperature. On top of that, it is apparent that people feel terrible when their temperatures drop passed the normal. All this is to confirm that temperature of body is very important.

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A proper body temperature is needed for the body to function. Virtually, all bodily functions can be affected by body temperatures. The thyroid system has an important part to play as it maintains normal body temperature. However, at times, people may have lower temperatures and other severe symptoms even when their thyroid glands are functioning properly and thyroid blood tests are normal.

The body can shut down its energy use on parts like the nails, skin, and hair. Under severe stress such as death, divorce, childbirth, or loss of a job, the body may be able to slow down so that it conserves energy. This can bring down the temperatures.

Causes of low body temperature

One way to judge the health of a person is by taking readings of temperature, yet this appears to be the most less emphasized part of a patient’s screening by healthcare professional. Body temperature can say a lot about the health of a person. A temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is considered the normal body temperature. But this temperature range can vary slight on both sides by 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the body temperature goes below the normal, this is called hypothermia. This low temperature disrupts the functions of body like the metabolic process. Certain temperature fluctuations may not be a cause for alarm thought it is important for people to know when the temperature fluctuations are escalating out of hand.

Common reasons for having low temperature

The common cause of low temperature or hypothermia is drop in temperature of surrounding environment. Wearing insufficiently warm clothing in times of winter, exposing oneself to air conditioning for extended period, and spending a lot of time in soaked clothes are possible causes of low body temperature.

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Lack of proper heating in workplace or at home may cause temperatures of body to go down. Excess use of antipyretics, drug abuse, and alcoholic over consumption may be other causes. These situations can be corrected if one feels uncomfortably cold. Heating facilities can be switched on and an individual can dress in warm clothes can help correct the temperature problem.

Ovulation may be another cause. During menstrual cycle, women may experience abnormal fluctuations in body temperature. The hormonal changes in body can influence the change in temperature. Some women may notice sudden drop in temperature while others have higher than normal temperatures. This should be able to normalize on its own.

Wilson temperature syndrome WTS is also associated with drop in temperature. WTS is a collection of unpredictable and unrelated symptoms, which occur in body including the low body temperature. Other causes include sleep disorder, liver disease, hypoglycemia, hepatitis C, anemia, kidney diseases, and thyroid problem.

low body temperature

Symptoms of low body temperature

The common symptom of low body temperature is one feeling cold. There may be other symptoms that show when one feels cold and they include shivering, irregular heartbeat, low heartbeat, confusion, weakness, lack of coordination, and drowsiness.

Having body temperature that is low than usual may prove to be dangerous. If any individual feels cold, care should be taken to make sure that it does not go to extreme levels. Medical care may be needed when one experiences the changes in temperature accompanied by the above symptoms for an extended period.

When to seek medical help

Experiencing regular dip in body temperature that lasts for a long time may indicate that an individual could be suffering from some ailment. One needs to visit a doctor if this is the case in order to determine the cause of the temperature change and the remedy to be provided. The body responds to low temperature by shivering caused by overworking of muscles at they try to generate heat to counteract the cold feeling.

Chronic fatigue syndrome accompanied by low temperature is a symptom of mitochondrial failure. When the core temperature of body decreases, it causes the cellular energy to decrease. This could lead to chronic fatigue. Low body temperature could explain debilitating symptoms including panic attacks, low motivation, anxiety, headaches, depression, hair loss, migraines, poor memory, weight gain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. It may also explain low sex drive, decreased concentration, insomnia, and dry skin.

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