White Particles in Urine

Urination is a very important function of the body as it helps in eliminating toxic wastes and excess liquid. Normal urine usually has a pale yellow, amber, or sometimes colorless appearance depending on the hydration level of the body. While appearance of white particles in urine does not necessarily mean that a person is in danger, it indicates that something is wrong; therefore, there is need for anybody who experiences such a discharge to see a doctor.

Here are the things that may be happening inside your body is you are producing white particles in your urine:

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Phosphorous from walls

A normal urinary tract might have some level of phosphorus build up on its walls. This is especially common in people who take water from wells. Phosphorous is white in color. Once in a while, these linings break down and are washed away by dilute urine. This should not cause any pain to the individual.


Kidney stones

White stuff in urine may be an early indicator of kidney stones. It might also show that you are taking too much calcium in your diet. If you have ever suffered from the condition before, this is an even stronger indicator. In this case, you need immediate check up.

With early intervention, you won’t have to go through the excruciating pain that patients of kidney stones experience. Moreover, no surgery will be necessary; this will also spare you the extra costs and inconveniences.


Parasite invasion

The urinal tract is susceptible to invasion by parasites like schistosomiasis and filariasis. These two are usually visible to the naked eye, especially when they create large colonies; they form whitish clusters that float on urine.

Other parasites are not visible in urine, but their wastes are. They produce mucus threads that also float. When not attended to early enough, parasitic invasion can lead to failure of crucial organs in the urinary system as well as the womb.


Bacterial vaginosis

A normal vaginal environment has different strains of bacteria that contribute to its good health, that is, as long as they do not accumulate past certain limits. Some factors however may lead to acidity changes that might kill one strain of bacteria and encourage accumulation of their counterparts. This is referred to as bacterial vaginosis and is a dangerous condition.

In affected persons, a white discharge may come out alone or may accompany urine. An affected vagina will also smell like fish and will feel itchy, especially in warm weather.

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Treatments that aim at killing all the offending organisms will only make the situation worse. Instead, there are medications which will help to restore the normal environment, and with time, the bacteria will balance themselves.


Yeast infection

Like bacteria, yeasts are present in moderate amounts inside a normal vagina. When they accumulate past a certain extent however, they can cause discomforts and lead to white discharge in urine. A yeast infection is usually accompanied by appearance of red patches on the vaginal walls.

Major antifungal creams accompanied by oral tablets will clear away yeast infections in a matter of days. These should only be taken under prescription.


Abnormalities in ejaculation

If the sphincter muscles in the bladder are weak, they may allow entry of semen into the organ during ejaculation. The substance mix up with urine and may be visible during urination.

At other times, it may not be an abnormality at all; semen may stick around the urethra and be pushed out during urination. The same may also happen in women when they visit the toilet after intercourse.



Chyluria is the presence of fats in urine. In high concentration, fats may give urine a cloudy appearance.

When you release fats in urine, it means that your body is not making full use of the food that you consume. It also might indicate that you are losing lots of vitamins. Moreover, this is also a possible sign of underlying conditions like liver damage, pancreatitis, cirrhosis, and metastatic cancer. It is good to go for immediate check up.


How to avoid urinary tract infections

If you get white particles in urine due to an infection, it shows that you are probably not doing some things right. Follow these simple guidelines to minimize risks next time:

Firstly, avoid touching your private parts with dirty hands. Observing this rule is especially crucial when you have recently visited the toilet, or after you greet someone. When going to the urinals, wash your hands before and after visits.

Secondly, embrace good eating habits. A balanced diet not only promotes strength of the immune system but also enhances balance in bodily functions and the internal environment.

Thirdly, avoid washing your privates with strongly scented soaps. Instead, use mild cleansers and clean water. Women should follow extra caution when doing this cleaning.

Another important rule is that you should wear clean clothing and change pants often. Also, wash your towels before the next use.

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