Blood Blister on Tongue

 A blood blister is a blister that is filled with blood rather than a transparent fluid, which is usually present in most blisters. A blood blister is usually a minute red bump on the tongue surface or on its sides. These blood blisters normally appear suddenly. This is normally an unwarranted cause for worry in most patients. These blood blisters are as a result of rupturing of small vessels in the tongue. The tongue is the mirror to the general health of an individual. This is the reason as to why most of the doctors will ask the patients to open their mouth during examinations.

The general natural color for tongues is pink and should be moist with an even texture. When the tongue color changes in texture and color, this may be a sign that there is a deviation from the standard healthy state. Blood blisters normally happen when the blood vessels beneath the mouth lining burst. These blisters can be very painful and can hinder the normal eating ability. With these blisters, you will be incapable of chewing food correctly and eating very hot foods will cause grave pain.

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Causes of blood blisters on the tongue

Some of the causes of causes of blood blisters include:

 Oral ulcers: Ulcers in the mouth can lead to blood blisters. This can be as a result of varied side effects like those of medicines. The two kinds of ulcers in the mouth are cold sores and canker sores. The canker sores are most probable to create blood blisters since they are situate inside a mouth and can bleed any time creating a bleeding blister.

 Angina bullosa hemorrhagica: This disease is mostly present in the old generation. It is characterized by a medium blister under the tongue or the inner check that is full of blood. They normally break readily and result to a wound. Luckily, these blisters will heal naturally without any form of treatment. Some of the risk factors for this ailment are mouth trauma, diabetes and steroid use.

 Food allergies: When one has an allergy to certain foods, they may acquire blood blisters in the mouth when they consume the offending meal. This is mostly witnessed after consuming citrus fruits. The only method of dealing with such a problem is avoiding eating the foods that cause the blisters.

 Low count of platelets: Platelets aid in keeping the wounds from bleeding and making clots once there is an open area in the mouth or skin. When a person has a low count of platelets, they are prone to having blood blisters in the mouth. Without sufficient platelets, anyone can acquire blisters in the moth.

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 Nutritional issues: When you consume a diet that is low in vitamins, blood blisters can occur. Deficiencies of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C are common triggers for mouth blood blisters.

 Prescription drugs: Some medications can cause allergic reactions that can appear as blood blisters in the mouth.

 Mouth injuries: When you eat hard or very hot foods, you can damage the cheek lining and this can cause blood blisters. If one eats food very quickly, one can accidentally bite the insides of the tongue or cheek. Caution must be practiced while eating to avoid blood blisters. Read more about blood blisters in mouth and cheek.

 Oral herpes: There are individuals infected with herpes simplex that eventually becomes oral herpes. One of the many signs of oral herpes is blood blisters present in all areas of the lips and mouth. These blisters are very painful lesions which can bleed and even lead to systemic symptoms like fatigue, muscle aches and fever.

 Alcohol abuse: Individuals who intake alcohol can acquire ulcerations in the mouth area that can cause blood blisters in the tongue or on cheeks.

Some other things that may cause bloods blisters are dentures problems, bowel diseases, high blood pressure, neutrophil deficiency, Behcet’s syndrome, consuming acidic foods and too much hormonal stress.


Treatment of tongue blisters in the tongue

The most effective method of treating blood blisters on the tongue involves identifying the basic cause.  In general these blood blisters found in the tongue do not require any kind of treatment since they usually burst on their own and heal after about two days, more so when the underlying cause is Angina bullosa hemorrhagica. Blood tests may have to be administered so as to rule out disorders associated with blood clotting.

  • For blisters caused by deficiency of Vitamin C and B12, an increase in the intake of foods rich in vitamins is recommended.
  • Probiotic foods like yogurt aid in fighting infections that lead to red bumps on the tongue or cheeks.
  • It is also very important for individuals to maintain proper oral hygiene and dental care at all times.
  • When one has the blood blister, rinsing the mouth using salty water will ensure that the swelling reduces and ensures that the healing process is speedier.
  • If the blister is rough or has a burning sensation, application of honey directly to the blister is a suitable soothing home remedy.
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