How Long Do Shrooms Stay in Your System?

In case you take shrooms, you may want to seek answers as to how long do shrooms stay in your system. Shroom refers to magic mushrooms that contain active ingredient known as psilocybin, which makes a person feel high. Psilocybin is an organic compound, which is produced in more than 200 varieties of mushrooms. These mushrooms can be eaten inform of salads or when used in pizzas as part of the ingredients.

Shrooms are considered as options for getting high because they are widely available and cost less than other forms of drugs. On top of that, their effects are much more controlled if they are taken in the right manner and not abused. Like any other drug, shrooms may be abused. Nonetheless, it is unlikely that they will result in physical dependency.

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 How long  do shrooms stay in your system?

The answer as to how long shrooms stay in body system may depend on what you mean by staying in body system. For example, if you are inquiring about how the high from taking shrooms lasts, it is about 3 to 6 hours. During this time, the high from shroom will reach its peak and begin to drop.

However, if you are inquiring about how the active ingredient psilocybin pharmacologically stays in body, then is a couple of days. However, there are other factors which affect this. The high in an individual may vary based on the rate of metabolism of the psilocybin. The body absorbs psilocybin from mushrooms and within the first 20 to 40 minutes, the ingredients is already in blood stream.

The substances reaches its peak or highest concentration a little more than one hour after you have taken it— that’s about 70 to 90 minutes. This is the time when you feel the most effects of shrooms. The peak concentration may go on for about 50 minutes and it will dissipate.


Long after the effects are gone, the psilocybin chemical can still be detected in urine for a couple of days. Tests such as hair drug tests can show psilocybin for up to three months because although the chemical may have been excreted from the body, it is still found in hair. A urinary test may show shrooms for about 2 to 5 days while a saliva test detects the substance for up to 5 days.

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What factors influence presence of shrooms in body system

The test that is taken to detect shrooms in body may influence the perception of how long the substance stays in body. In urine and saliva, it will show the substance to be in body for up to 5 days from the time you took it. However, when hair follicle test is used, it will indicate the substance to be body system up to 3 months.

In case you consumer large quantities of shrooms, you may overdose. It only makes sense to have effects of hallucinations from shrooms when you take them in smaller doses. Higher doses could result in violent and unnerving effects. The rate of metabolism is another factor which may influence how long the substance stays in body. The age and type of shrooms taken may also have an impact on effects on body.

The effects of shrooms on body and mind

When an individual takes shrooms, the body absorbs psilocybin chemical and converts it into psilocin. This causes change in mood, sensory perception, and muscle contraction. Psilocybin has a chemical structure like that of serotonin, and therefore, it works like serotonin.

People who take this substance will experience auditory hallucinations, distortions in images, and nervous euphoria. Some people may feel anxious and others feel elated and relaxed. Others say that they feel becoming united with nature where they leave their body. In a spiritually inclined person, the feelings may induce a change in sense of reality.

A person may have numbness in limbs, experience sweating, dilation of pupils, and increased sensitivity to touch. The heart rate increases, and a person may have frequent urination and hot flashes. One may see vibrant colors and lights or even images behind.

People who take the substance often may have hallucinogen persisting perceptual disorder where the state of hallucination tends to last long after taking the shrooms. Other effects may be cramps, nausea, muscle spasms, upset stomach, diarrhea, and cognitive impairment. To prevent the side effects, people should take magic mushrooms in smaller doses or quantities.

Mostly, the hallucinations which come after taking shrooms are usually pleasant and will take a smaller duration, but only from small quantities. The hallucinations may turn violent and stressful if you are taking the substance along with other medicines or you overdose. The effects can also last for long than normal.

There are is no evidence that psilocybin mushrooms may be physically addictive or psychologically. Their use does not result in dependence. However, the body can develop tolerance which results to the urge to have higher doses to get the full effects. Following the use of shrooms, a user may encounter psychological withdrawal syndrome and could have difficult discerning reality but these will eventually go away.

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