Tear Trough Treatment

Tear trough treatment is a non-invasive procedure that is office-based and used to improve the look of the under eye area. The treatment is sought by people who have dark circles under their eyes or those who have a hollow look under eyes. People with fat pockets forming in lower eyelids may also seek this kind of treatment. The tear trough filler treatment helps in filling depressions and shadows so as to spruce up the look of the lower eyelids as well as the cheeks. The main substances used in the procedure are such as Restylane and Belotero. These products are hyaluronic acid fillers.

 The tear trough area

The tear trough may also be referred as the nasojugal groove. This area stretches from inner corner of a person’s eye and follows a semicircular arc where it transitions to the palpebromalar groove. When there is a deep tear trough, it is likely to create shadow, which appears as a dark circle just below the eye.

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It creates a part that looks like an early indication of aging in a person. The shadow occurs between the cheek and eyelid just around the eyes. People who have deep tear trough will often claim that they are looking more tired or older than they are.

Causes of deformed tear trough

When the lower eyelid skin tethers to the underlying bones of the face, a deformed tear trough may form. Aging may lead to loss of tissue volume and laxity within the lower eyelid. This causes the tear trough to be more visible. The look of lower eyelid bags could bring out a tear trough thereby creating a shadow that is more visible.

While this appearance may be common in aging people, even youths can have deformities of the tear trough. The deformity may be corrected with use of repositioning of fat through surgery; however, a more popular non-invasive treatment has become a safer alternative.

Many patients are considering seeking non-invasive procedures to correct body deformities because they help reduce the risks and complications, which are often associated with surgery procedures. Having deep tear trough treatment with use of fillers like Restylane may offer long-term natural results that can last for about one year without having downtime. However, not all patients may be able to benefit from this kind of treatment of deep tear trough.

Who is suitable for tear trough filler?

People with a hollow look or what is termed as dark circles appearing under their eyes may seek treatment that uses this procedure. The patients may say that they are having enlarging fat pockets within the lower eyelids. An expert judgment is needed to determine who is fit for this non-invasive procedure.

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In order to receive tear trough filler, a patient needs to possess good skin elasticity as well as sufficient thickness of skin. Another consideration is the position where the orbital rim is located in relation to tear trough.

Even in patients who do not possess these qualities, there are innovative ways that can help cosmetic surgeons to use the technique. The procedure may be applied in staged treatments in patients who aren’t perceived as ideal candidates for the tear trough filler.

The procedure of tear trough filler

In using tear trough filler, a cosmetic surgeon will choose an appropriate product. The common one is Restylane, which has been perceived to produce good results. Restylane is unique in its consistency and creates a natural look in tear trough. This product also lasts for long and may take more than one year. Since it is a hyaluronic acid filler, it means that it can be broken down using hyaluronidase injections when needed.

Another product that has been touted as suitable for use in the procedure is Belotero. It is also a hyaluronic acid filler and may work well. While there are other fillers, which have been used, some may exert greater hydrophilic plumping effects, which may create a puffy look. Others may have unwanted side effects and could result in poor cosmetic outcomes such as Artefill, Radiesse, and Collagen.

The injections are not painful, and while patients may be anxious about the treatment, they will be surprised when they discover that it causes no discomforts. However, mild bruising, swelling, or redness and tenderness may occur after the treatment but these resolve within a few days.

Patients who have deep tear troughs may need to undergo multiple injections. Patients who have undergone this procedure should avoid taking medications or supplements that promote bleeding such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and other blood thinners.

How much does it cost to have tear trough filler?

The cost of tear trough filler treatment may vary depending on where a patient gets the treatment and the number of injections one would need. In some patients who do not have very deep tear trough deformities, one injection may be sufficient for the period it is intended to last.

Patients who have deep tear trough may require several visits to the cosmetic surgeon for multiple injection. Each milliliter of the filler may cost about $500 and a 1ml injection may produce the required results. Those who will need additional injections in their follow up visits may have to pay more for the injections.

However, as earlier said, the cost may depend on other factors such as the surgeon doing the procedure and the kind of filler that is used as well as the number of times one has to receive the injections.

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